The South African Sisterhood (ZAS) was started on 16 September 2015┬áby two Capetonian women on a mission to create an oasis of positivity, inspiration and support for all South African women. The brand is currently active as a women’s only Facebook group, which has seen phenomenal growth and has just short of 12,000 members.

The rules are enforced strictly and don’t allow any comment or posts that exclude any woman or group, or create conflict. There are many things that can create division between women; race, religion, age, parenting status; but ZAS is aiming to focus on all the things that bring women together by encouraging inclusive language and behaviour.

The brand will began expanding in 2017 to include a website, an extensive social media network and events for women.

You can currently interact with the South African Sisterhood by sponsoring prizes for our giveaways or seeing if you can help meet the needs of one of our Pay it Forward Initiatives.

To learn more, please feel free to get in touch!

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