SA Sisterhood Supports Exclusive Digital Workshop

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine, Laverne, and I started a new venture in the form of creating a brand to support and inspire women in all avenues of their lives. The first aspect of this venture is the women’s only South African Sisterhood facebook group, which proudly engages over 9000 incredible women.

Shortly after this, an amazing woman I worked with back in my days as a PR professional, Suhaifa Naidoo (who just launched Mashup Marketing), approached me about an exclusive Digital Marketing & Business Solution Workshop happening on the 4th of November in Cape Town. Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.57.35 PM

This ties beautifully into our goal to help women to grow and develop in their careers and businesses, whether they work for a brand name business or run their own popular blogs. We, as the South African Sisterhood, are proud to be supporting Suhaifa in her digital marketing workshop. And she is excited to be supporting the women in our group by offering our South African Sisterhood members a 20% discount to attend!

The event is planned as an exclusive workshop where the high calibre attendees will gain deeper insights into what digital marketing is and equip them with knowledge and tools to help them grow their business or brand online. With one on one interactions with the experienced speakers, great food, and all the coffee, you should be one of those attendees.

Coffee and laptopDigital marketing skills can be learned quickly. Every women in business should have a clear basic understanding of digital marketing to support and promote themselves effectively online. Whether that business is a medium sized corporate, a small PR agency, a home based business service or your blog; there are some things you should learn how to do properly.

Just a few of the skills you will take away from this event –
Social Media
How to use the most effective social media tools accurately to drive engagement
Using email marketing and targeted subscriber lists to sell your products and services
Content Writing
How to develop a content strategy and write the correct content for your website, blogs and social media platforms
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click)
Tools and tricks to get onto the first page of Google

Each attendee will also receive a range of free Digital Marketing eBooks and the first 5 people to sign up will receive 1 hour of social media coaching valued at R750.

The workshops will be led by Suhaifa herself; who specialises in digital marketing solutions and strategies to grow businesses online and help them connect with their customers. She has extensive digital marketing experience and has worked on some of South Africa’s leading brands. She is passionate about disruptive technologies, women in technology and people.

Mariska Burger will also be there to engage you and answer your questions. Mariska is a marketing engineer passionate about people, technology and Africa and has over a decade of experience helping businesses achieve their marketing goals.

I am so incredibly sad that I will be missing out on this; but Laverne will be in attendance and taking extensive notes for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable I would find these skills across all my businesses. I may need to invest in a few hours of private training with Mashup Marketing.

Suhaifa Digital Workshop

You can register for this workshop by clicking HERE. The full day workshop costs R1500 pp and includes lunch, snacks, tea and coffee. With your 20% South African Sisterhood discount, you save R300.

If you have any questions or you are looking for more information, you can email Suhaifa directly on

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