Online Etiquette – Just hit reply

Just hit replyIf I were to share only one thing in building and maintaining a positive reputation and managing your brand, it would be this – just hit reply.

You wouldn’t think it would be necessary to write a post on something as simple as acknowledging and responding to a message or an email, but I am encountering this everywhere I turn.

If you have asked for input or an opinion or an article or an RSVP, and somebody takes the time to respond the very least you can do is acknowledge that they have done so.

As a blogger, if you encourage people to comment or respond or ask questions on your blog or social media; you had better believe you need to respond to every single person who does.

As a PR person, if you send an invitation to an event or ask if somebody would be interested in being involved in a campaign or if they would send you feedback on your client; you need to acknowledge their reply politely.

As a brand, if somebody does a review for you or gives you a mention or attends your event, it is common courtesy to thank them for the time and effort they have put into it – and no, payment does not replace the need for manners.

As a media platform, if you give somebody a deadline and they meet it, if you issue a call for submissions, if you ask to interview somebody; at the very least you need to acknowledge that you have received it.

We are all in the business of communication, and there are some forms of communication that are non-negotiable.

Yes, you are busy; but so is the person that you have asked something of. If it really is too strenuous to just hit reply and say thanks so much, I’ll get back to you soonest; set up an auto reply and leave it on.

*This article first appeared on South African Mom Blogs.

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