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Mandy Lee Miller is an accomplished media and PR entrepreneur. She has extensive experience working with and for both established and start-up businesses. Mandy is currently a fixture in the online parenting community. She is the owner and Editor in Chief of Tums 2 Tots online and owner/author of Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After. Added to this, Mandy co-owns the women’s only Facebook group South African Sisterhood which supports and inspires over 12,000 members. She also created, launched and managed the national car seat awareness initiative, #CarseatFullstop.


With a background in Public Relations and Marketing, Mandy has worked with top end agencies in the field. She has an extensive network within the media and PR industries. Before starting MLM, Mandy was a PR Account Manager. She managed junior staff members, client portfolios, budgets and timelines. She also did writing, editing and pitching content to media for brands. Mandy proudly worked with idu Software, Vox Telecom, Connection Telecom, Heaven’s Nest, Petersburg Quartet, MWEB, Harley Davidson, and Sportingbet SA.

As a freelance brand consultant and writer, Mandy has contributed on Katie Mayhew Photography, Caffeine and Fairydust, By Megan Kelly, Being Me with Celeste, Love Made Me, Leather Jacket Foxes, The Milk Memoirs, The Book Owl, Sprout Kids’ Food and Bella Poppelina. As well as editing a practical guide to starting and managing your own business in South Africa, Of Course You Can, by author Brian Adams.

In her capacity as a blogger, she has worked with parenting and lifestyle brands such as Huggies Gold, Toy Kingdom, Mattel, Just Fun Kids, Bratz Dolls, Umatie, Huggies Nappy Pants, Dove, Baby Group, Toy Toggle, My Baby Registry, Sprout Kids’ Food, Baby Throne, Predo Diapers, Moii, Lock-It, Watercolour Heart, Mummy Massage, The Book Owl, Rainbow Magic, Kids Book Club, Peek-A-Babe 4D scans, SKidz and more.

As Tums 2 Tots magazine editor, Mandy has worked, and continues to work, with brands such as Philips Avent, Ackermans, Gumtree, MySmartKid, 1Life Insurance, Kaspersky Labs, Acorn Kids, The Galileo Open Air Theatre, Hasbro, Jungle Oats, Snookums, Kings & Queens of Comedy, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Kelloggs, Gold Reef City, Bio-Oil, GLAD, Mama Mio, ShowMax, and many more.

She works extensively with PR agencies and brand representatives from across South Africa, while collaborating with and managing a team of 16 independent columnists, who are experts, bloggers and influencers.


Mandy is actively involved in the support and growth of the South African blogging community. She is able to activate and mobilise influencers across South Africa, particularly in the parenting blogosphere, through personal relationships and a respect for and understanding of individual writers, their strengths and their platforms. Mandy has a unique perspective on how to make the relationship between PRs, brands and influencers work, having worked in PR with brands and as an integral part of the influencer community herself.

Over the years, Mandy has worked on every element of campaign management, from all angles. Mandy Lee Miller is a successful entrepreneur, magazine editor, writer, brand consultant, editor, blogger, influencer and campaign strategist. She has worked with and for big agencies and brand names; with small startups and manages her own small startups. Mandy works with influencers, and is herself an influencer. Through it all, she has cultivated and grown strong personal and professional relationships in every field she engages in.

This is what Mandy brings to the brands and causes she believes in. You bring your vision and she will work with you to make it happen.

Mandy Lee Miller



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